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What is VaxCalc?™

Informed Vaccination Decision-making. VaxCalc™ is a research tool that puts the power of information into your hands to help YOU make the best vaccination decisions for yourself and your children.

How VaxCalc™ Helps

Do your research and discover the risks. VaxCalc™ provides a detailed Ingredient Report that reveals the total ingredient amounts in the vaccines recommended by your doctor, along with more articles and studies as a place to start in your research than you'll find anywhere else.

Reduce toxins by comparing vaccine brands. VaxCalc™ provides a detailed Vaccine Brand Comparison Report that reveals the difference in total ingredient amounts between brands.

This gives you the knowledge you need to request specific brands from your doctor. For example, by comparing DTaP brands, you can easily reduce by almost half the amount of aluminum your child would otherwise receive. Or make sure that your flu shot doesn't contain thimerosal (mercury).

Proactively protect against a preventable allergic reaction. More than 15 million people in the US suffer from food allergies. Tell VaxCalc™ what allergens to watch for, and you will be immediately alerted if you choose a vaccine that contains the allergen.

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