VaxCalc FAQs

Isn't this information available elsewhere?

Yes and no: it can be found in more than 1,430 pages of FDA-approved package inserts, hundreds of studies, dozens of books, multiple discussions with experts (doctors, nurses, chemists, public health PhDs, vaccine policy wonks) around the world, attendance at FDA vaccine committee hearings and deep dives into FDA, CDC, NIH, Institute of Medicine websites, FDA PowerPoints and scores of CDC toxicology reports.

VaxCalc saves you literally years of time and effort because the most important of all that experience and knowledge is built into VaxCalc. Just select the vaccines you are considering, and VaxCalc immediately presents you with a detailed, referenced, custom report about the vaccines, the ingredients, and important considerations that can help you make an informed-decision and reduce potentially toxic exposures.

Thank G-d my kids listened to my advice to space out my grandchild's vaccines, they only give two vaccines at each visit. Thank you for all your hard work promoting safety!

- Dasi, New York

Can I use VaxCalc with my phone?

Yes - and we've found that it's most effective to use VaxCalc with a desktop or tablet in order to navigate the reports, which provide you with a lot of important information. Phones are great for participating in our private online community, managing your account or reviewing your Vaccination Plan at home, on the road or in the doctor's office.

Why don't you dont support Internet Explorer?

VaxCalc makes use of modern web technologies and security standards that IE just doesn't support. We DO support Microsoft's modern Edge browser. If you're stuck on IE or not sure how to install a new modern browser, contact our support team: we might be able to help you.

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