What does VaxCalc do for you?

VaxCalc empowers YOU against deceptive and harmful practices that are so widespread today:

There is a concerted effort to keep the truth about vaccines from us.

The media no longer investigates vaccines, nor reports on vaccine failure.

Vaccine risk information is censored by social media and email platforms.

The CDC trains doctors in how to manipulate parents into vaccinating.

Doctors value compliance over safety, pressuring and threatening you to accept all vaccinations without question.

It is almost impossible to figure out the cumulative amounts of all the different ingredients given in multiple shots.

Vaccine marketing is NOT science-based

Like you, we have good reasons and lots of evidence to distrust claims that vaccines are "safe and effective." Vaccination includes risks and you have the right and responsibility to know what they are.

Just like you, we care about what goes into our bodies.

Just like we choose natural, organic foods and reject GMO's, more of us than ever before are making our own vaccination decisions.

And like you, we understand that there is no free lunch. For every benefit, there is a cost. For example, a US Department of Defense study discovered that when you vaccinate with the flu shot, you become more vulnerable to coronavirus.

Is it any surprise that, according to The Economist (March 5, 2020), 41% of Americans do not trust government health advice?

VaxCalc empowers YOU to make the best vaccination decisions for yourself and your children.

What are our customers saying?

Thank G-d my kids listened to my advice to space out my grandchild's vaccines, they only give two vaccines at each visit. Thank you for all your hard work promoting safety!

- Dasi, New York

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Know exactly how much

Discover the exact amounts of ALL ingredients in all the vaccines recommended by your doctor.

Reduce toxic exposures

by comparing different brands of the same vaccine.

Avoid unethical ingredients

Discover which vaccines contain human protein/DNA from aborted fetal cell-lines.

Bring science to the table

Go to your doctor appointment armed with research, resources, and references.

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Know the risks

Compare the risks of the vaccine and all it's ingredients with the risks of the disease.

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