Money-back guarantee

IF you are unsure whether to say yes or no to any particular vaccine in the CDC's childhood schedule, and

IF you have followed our "what you need to know" checklist for that vaccine,

THEN you will be prepared to make a confident decision

ELSE we will give you 110% of your money back.**

I subscribed to VaxCalc because my 8 month old daughter has a well baby visit this week and the doctor is going to push vaccines (we're behind schedule because she had two reactions to the first two rounds). I wanted to know exactly what is in the vaccines to have an educated dialogue with my physician.

And guess what?

He wasn't pushy at all when it came to the vaccines - he completely understood my position and I believe his understanding stemmed from me being able to have an open and educated dialogue about the exact contents in the vaccines.

- Carrie, North Carolina

**Here's how you get the 110% Guarantee

Just send us a list of the vaccines that you are considering and a copy (picture) of your completed checklists within 21 days from your date of purchase.

We currently offer checklists for Covid-19, DTaP, Hepatitis B, and four Vaccination Prep checklists:

  • Do ASAP
  • Be well-versed in history
  • Everytime before vaccinating
  • When pregnant