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Freedom Plan

$8 a month

billed annually at $96

Professional Plan

$50 a month

billed monthly

Day Pass


good for 24 hours

As a doctor, it is not my job to dictate health mandates; it is my job to provide accurate and thorough information so my patients can make the best possible decisions for themselves. VaxCalc can play an important role in helping people make better informed vaccination decisions.

- Dr. Jonathan N. Colter, North Carolina

Freedom Plan costs $8 a month, billed annually at $96 for the year, provides 24/7 unlimited access to VaxCalc research, calculations, vaccination planning and all other resources including regular improvements - for an entire year.

Professional Plan provides everything the Freedom Plan provides, PLUS a license to use VaxCalc for all of your patients. It costs $50/month and is billed monthly. This plan is meant for healthcare professionals.

Day Pass is for anybody who isn't sure when they will use VaxCalc again but needs full access right now for just a day. It costs $12 and is good for 24 hours.

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