About VaxCalc

VaxCalc brings food-ingredient label transparency to vaccines - or else you won't know what is being injected. Parents can create custom vaccination plans, bringing the revolutionary idea of individualized healthcare to vaccination, empowering parents as the primary medical decision-makers for their children. Watch the video to learn more.

Instant research

VaxCalc is the fastest way to research vaccines, to see what is inside of each vaccine, and to discover ALL the vaccines that contain any particular ingredient. You can even keep your own custom notes per vaccine or per ingredient. Watch the video to learn more.

The best doctors

We are creating a network of vaccine-choice friendly health professionals and connecting them to the very best patients who take responsibility for their own health. VaxCalc can help you find one near you.

Online community

We provide protection from censorship in our online global community, where we support the right to choose all, just some, or no vaccines at all. We encourage open discussion, welcome questions, value sharing our views, experiences, resources and research. We do not fear different choices.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw, 1/24/75 - 6/14/13.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw

❤️Warrior with a big heart. ❤️