About the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator

The Vaccine Ingredients Calculator (VaxCalc) was originally launched on November 13, 2009. Since then, hundreds of thousands of families from around the world have used it as part of their informed vaccination decision-making research.

From All Around the World

People from 198 countries around the world have used the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator as a fundamental part of their research to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, including (in order of where the VaxCalc informed-consent community most comes from):

1.  Usa  United States
2.  Canada icon  Canada
3.  Uk  United Kingdom
4.  Australia  Australia
5.  Russia  Russia
6.  New zealand  New Zealand
7.  Germany  Germany
8.  Greece  Greece
9.  India  India
10.  Netherlands  Netherlands
11.  Italy  Italy
12.  South africa  South Africa
13.  Brazil  Brazil
14.  Mexico  Mexico
15.  Ireland  Ireland

Calling Software Developers!

We are currently interviewing for a challenging volunteer software development position to help build the next generation Vaccine Ingredients Calculator. We are looking for a creative self-starter with two or more years of experience with any of the following technologies:

If you’re interested in becoming part of the team and ready to make a BIG difference creating technology that supports informed consent, contact us.

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You can follow VaxCalc on Twitter or read the VaxCalc Labs blog for exploring the technical aspects of the system.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw, 1/24/75 - 6/14/13.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw

Warrior with a big heart