When my daughter was just 12 months, she experienced a potentially fatal reaction to a tiny amount of peanut butter. Inspecting everything that was going into her body, I didn't like what I was finding. So I began carefully reading food ingredients labels to keep her food simple, safe, healthy and pure.

We learned the hard way that not every food is safe for every child.

Questioning my own assumptions: could I also be wrong about vaccines? I used to just believe that vaccines were safe and effective without evidence, without researching the ingredients or checking vaccine injury reports.

Looking through the package inserts for vaccine ingredients, I found things like Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line Wistar RA 27/3, modRNA, Human albumin (from human blood), Castor Oil, and Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line MRC-5.
(Refresh this page to see even more ingredients that I found.)

What are the risks of injecting those chemical and biological ingredients into my daughter who already has a dangerously over-reactive immune system? Or into you or your children?

Modern medical practice assumes that it is better to vaccinate everybody with the exact same vaccines at the exact same ages regardless of our genetic and biological differences.

BUT! When is the last time you experienced a one-size-fits-all ANYTHING that works for everybody?

I spent more than 10 years volunteering for the National Vaccine Information Center working on things like this deep analysis of Gardasil adverse events and other special, innovative projects such as the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator, an early version of VaxCalc.

If you care about making the best possible vaccination decisions for yourself, your children or your patients, I invite you to join VaxCalc by purchasing a subscription. There is no better way to research, plan and take action.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw, 1/24/75 - 6/14/13.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw

Warrior with a big heart.