About the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator

When my daughter was just 12 months, she experienced a potentially fatal reaction to a tiny amount of peanut butter, a drop that barely covered 1/4 of a dime. After the emergency was handled and things calmed down a bit, I began inspecting everything that was going into her body - and I didn't like what I was finding. I began paying careful attention to food ingredients, scrutinizing labels to keep what we were feeding her simple, safe, healthy and pure.

Not long after the peanut reaction, at a well-visit the doctor recommended 3 or 4 vaccines. Just like I had been doing with food, I began wondering: what is actually being put into my daughter's body? What are the ingredients in the vaccines and what are the risks for my daughter? And when she receives multiple shots, what is the cumulative total of all ingredients from all those shots? Is it safe? How can we know? Are there well-tested safety standards that we can rely on?

I began manually adding up ingredients from package inserts and it was just totally overwhelming to keep all the details straight - let alone research each individual ingredient (not to mention wondering about possible synergistic toxicity from combining so many chemicals and biologicals.) That's when I began to write a simple tool to help make the calculations.

When I told friends, family and colleagues about what I was doing, I was surprised by how many others were interested in using it, too. So I switched gears and built what eventually became the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator.

The Vaccine Ingredients Calculator (VaxCalc) was originally launched on November 13, 2009. Since then, hundreds of thousands of families from around the world have used it as part of their informed vaccination decision-making research.

I'd love to know what brings you to the Calculator, and if I can help with any questions you have about it.

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Around the World

People from 198 countries around the world have used the Vaccine Ingredients Calculator as a fundamental part of their research to make the best decisions for themselves and their families, including (in order of where the VaxCalc informed-consent community most comes from):

1.    United States
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Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw, 1/24/75 - 6/14/13.

Dedicated to the memory of Michael Schrimshaw

Warrior with a big heart