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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does it mean to be vaccine friendly?

Vaccine friendly doctors honor the informed consent process and will allow informed parents to decide for themselves whether or not to get a vaccine for their children. Some may help you develop your own custom alternative schedule. A smaller number may be comfortable with your decision not to vaccinate your child at all.

Can I choose to not have my baby vaccinated?

Yes. Even if you might vaccinate for school, you can choose to not vaccinate your baby or to delay some vaccines. The first step is to decline the Hepatitis-B birth dose.

Can I choose to not vaccinate my child for school?

Yes. Every state has laws that require children to get certain vaccines before they are permitted to attend day care or school. Yet parents can opt out of one or more vaccines for medical, religious, or philosophical reasons. Vaccine exemption laws vary from state to state. Most states require fewer vaccines than the full CDC childhood schedule.

Where can I find a doctor that will sign a vaccine exemption for my child?

Very few doctors are willing to do this because they would put their careers at risk - even if the medical exemption is legitimate. Unfortunately, your child would have to be seriously harmed by a vaccine first before qualifying for a medical exemption. Even then, many doctors would be hesitant to write an exemption because it might be investigated by the state health department. By homeschooling, you can often avoid these challenges.

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