Most common vaccine ingredients in the CDC schedule

Child (birth through 6 years) 7 through 18 years old Adults (19 years and older)
1. Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Egg protein
2. Aluminum Aluminum Neomycin
3. Neomycin Polysorbate-80 Formaldehyde
4. Albumin, Fetal Bovine Serum Yeast Gelatin (from pig or cow)
5. Polysorbate-80 Casein (milk proteins) Polysorbate-80
6. Egg protein Pertussis toxin Pertussis toxin
7. Gelatin (from pig or cow) Borax (sodium borate) Aluminum
8. Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line MRC-5 Glutaraldehyde Human Protein/DNA from fetal cell line Wistar RA 27/3
9. VERO cells (African green monkey kidney) DNA L-histidine Albumin, Fetal Bovine Serum
10. Peptone, Soy Casamino Acid (milk proteins) Recombinant (GMO) human albumin

VaxCalc uses CDC's full listing of every ingredient in every vaccine as our documentation cross-reference against all ingredients found in all FDA-approved package inserts for every US licensed vaccine.

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