Interviews and speaking

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Event List

Date Event Link
7/8/2021 Real Faith Stories here
2/8/2024 The Robert Scott Bell Show here
2/13/2024 TNTRadio, The Reckoning with Timothy Shea here
2/18/2024 Firebreathin' Rob here
2/19/2024 The Counter Narrative with Kristi Leigh here
2/22/2024 Patriots With Grit here
2/27/2024 Nurses Out Loud here
3/6/2024 Naturally Inspired podcast with Tammy Cuthbert Garcia here
3/7/2024 (8:35am) Call in talk radio Delaware, 105.9 FM
3/11/2024 His Glory Show here
3/13/2024 Jim Price Show
3/14/2024 TNT Radio with Jason Olbourne here
3/20/2024 Bryce Eddy Show here
3/27/2024 Unrestricted Warfare with James Grundvig here
4/2/2024 Jason Bermas here
4/12/2024 Andrew Shecktor, Politically Incorrect here
4/16/2024 Mic Meow here
4/16/2024 Freedom Lovers Canada
5/2/2024 Remedy Revolution