Why VaxCalc?

Proudly vaccine-hesitant

When faced with a decision, do you stop, ask questions and think about the risks and benefits? Or do you just do what most other people are doing and hope for the best?

The so-called vaccine-hesitant are pressured and bullied by their doctors, attacked by the mainstream media, insulted as victims of “misinformation”, and accused of being threats to the public health by the World Health Organization.

VaxCalc pushes all that aside.

We proudly, fiercely, stubbornly, loyally serve the vaccine-hesitant.

We view vaccine-hesitancy as a sign of intelligent, courageous decision-making in the face of tremendous pressure to “just do what you’re told.”

We believe that people are hard-wired for freedom by their Creator, and that "just doing what we are told" is not a way to live.

Our purpose is to create a happier, healthier, more scientific and resilient world by empowering each individual to make their own vaccination decisions - with the tools, technology, planning capability, research and community you need to do it.

VaxCalc can be boiled down to just four words.

“After careful consideration, choose.”

What does VaxCalc provide?

VaxCalc provides 3 main things. You can choose any combination of them.

VaxCalc brings the common-sense idea of food-ingredient label transparency to vaccines – or else people won’t know what they’re getting.

Every day, we research, call, gather feedback, confirm friendliness and trustworthiness – so that you can quickly find a vaccine-choice friendly health professional whom you can trust.

We are a private global community, providing a place to connect with others regarding vaccines and choice in a positive way, without all the fear, hate and vaccine-risk censorship that we see in the mainstream media, social media, and doctor's office.

We provide protection from censorship. We support the right to choose all, just some, or no vaccines at all. We encourage open discussion, welcome questions, value sharing our views, experiences and research. We do not fear different choices.

Is VaxCalc for you?

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for the person who might choose some vaccines – here are some typical reasons:

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for the person who might reject some vaccines – here are some typical reasons:

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for the person for whom some vaccines are unethical:

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for the healthcare worker required to get a flu shot that she might not want.

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for the soon-to-be parents who will need to make a decision about the vitamin-K shot and the Hepatitis B vaccine.

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for the grandparent worried about their grandchildren getting too many shots at once.

She remembers her children receiving just a few shots and how healthy they were. But her grandchildren, who receive many more shots, aren’t so healthy. They have asthma, ADHD, seasonal and food allergies, chronic ear infections, and autism.

👉🏽 VaxCalc is for people worried about Covid and don’t know what to make of the experimental Covid vaccines

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What does VaxCalc do for you?

👉🏽 VaxCalc is the antidote for censorship by Big Tech and social media

👉🏽 VaxCalc saves you from hassles and headaches because we’ve already done the heavy lifting

👉🏽 VaxCalc keeps you focused on what's most important

👉🏽 With VaxCalc, you're never alone

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