WHO is VaxCalc® NOT for?

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is NOT for the person who:

  1. Is OK with eating foods filled with dozens of impossible to pronounce ingredients
  2. Believes that GMO ingredients in food pose little or no risks to human health
  3. Believes “follow the science” because it's already been settled
  4. Believes that doctor knows best
  5. Believes that the CDC recommended schedule is science-based
  6. Believes that "safe and effective" actually means safe and effective
  7. Is looking for a “balanced” presentation of pros and cons of vaccination
  8. Believes the more vaccines, the better
  9. Believes that sacrificing other people's children for the "greater good" is acceptable
  10. Wants to be told what to do by "experts"

WHO is VaxCalc® for?

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the modern parent who:

  1. Carefully reads food-ingredient labels
  2. Believes that eating organic is a requirement for long-term health
  3. Knows that science is a never-ending journey of questioning assumptions and expanding knowledge
  4. Does her own research before accepting the doctor's advice
  5. Values and seeks individualized healthcare
  6. Knows that "safe and effective" is a population-level term; it doesn't mean "safe and effective" for YOUR child
  7. Wants to know exactly what is in the vaccines that the doctor is recommending
  8. Might choose some vaccines for the more serious diseases
  9. Believes that every life is sacred, and that it is natural and right to put your children and family first
  10. Is committed to making up his or her own mind

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the person who might choose some vaccines – here are some typical reasons:

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the person who might reject some vaccines – here are some typical reasons:

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the person for whom some vaccines are unethical:

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the healthcare worker required to get a flu shot that she might not want.

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the soon-to-be parents who will need to make a decision about the vitamin-K shot and the Hepatitis B vaccine.

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is for the grandparent worried about their grandchildren getting too many shots at once.

She remembers her children receiving just a few shots and how healthy they were. But her grandchildren, who receive many more shots, aren’t so healthy. They have asthma, ADHD, seasonal and food allergies, chronic ear infections, and autism.

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What does VaxCalc® do for you?

👉🏽 VaxCalc® saves you time and reduces your work by up to 90%

👉🏽 VaxCalc® is the antidote for censorship by Big Tech and social media

👉🏽 VaxCalc® saves you from hassles and headaches because we’ve already done the heavy lifting

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👉🏽 With VaxCalc®, you're never alone

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